Factors need to be considered before making an advertisement


As we know advertising is a field of creativity. The more you creative better the advertisement. A successful advertisement should have something unique that people have not seen earlier but they can correlate it.

Example: FEVICOL advertisement won few global awards. The advertisement was basically about how people travel in buses in village area where there are scarcity of transportation facility.

This concept was enveloped so well with FEVICOL that people loved the advertisement. This is a normal concept but it was presented in a creative way that shows some “UNIQUENESS”.


Advertising is a process of communication to target audience. Target audience comprises of human beings and human behavior. Preparation of ads demands a lot of research on the psyche of the target group and their behavior. This helps the agency in preparing advertisements that the consumers can relate to and therefore become successful.

Therefore, “PSYCHOLOGY” as a discipline has a tremendous contribution to make in the field of advertising. A good advertisement is one which stays in the mind of the people for a long time. When people feel that advertisement is really funny, sad, inspiring or educational then they remember it for a long time.


To influence the customers mind it is important how to present advertisement through suitable media. Before publishing an advertising, a person should think about the media through which he/she is going to advertise the product. It is important to select suitable media for advertisement because it will directly target the audience or market or societies.


The purpose of advertising is to promote the right mission of the company and its products. In order to make robust advertisement proper content should be selected for the advertisement.

There are 4 different types of contents that can deliver the message-

• The way the product work

• Role models showing why they prefer this product

• Spokesperson a celebrity showing his linkage for the product

• Significant parallel, where something parallel is shown as a metaphor to drive the point home

These are the accepted advertising method for creating contents, appropriate content should be chosen to maximize the delivery of message in lesser time.


A good advertisement depends upon consumers experience with the brand and the product category. This in turn determines which factor makes an impact:

• If the consumer has not experienced the product category then the relevance of the category in terms of benefits to consumer will be the important factor (example: mobile phones on being launched in India)

• If the consumer has experienced the product category but the brand is new to that category then the brand image and positioning will be the important factor (example: Reliance’s “Mujhme Hai Woh Baat” positioning — that Reliance Mobile had something unique to offer)

• If the consumer has experienced the product category and the brand then the element of surprise or the reminder about the brand’s proposition is important factor (example: Vodafone Zoozoo or Coca Cola being a part of your celebrations and get-togethers)


An advertisement should be made considering the local language and culture that conveys its objective effectively.


Teasers that precede the advertisement makes viewer more inquisitive and creates great impact on viewership.


Advertising is no more only about regional sensibilities, getting information across or people’s psychology all these 3 elements are intrinsically heterogeneous and assuming that these 3 elements will bring successful advertisement would be unfair.

A potent combination of these 3 and a very strong element of surprise….either from regional sensibilities, consumer psyche or information exchange will bring desirous results.

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